Italcanna Vituim CR 150


Vituim CR 150  4.5mTranslated from Italian  The Italcanna commitment to design research and development of new three-piece that combine the power sensitivity ‘and facilitates’ Casting.We took the challenge of designing a rod from the great ease of Casting despite the considerable power  (in fact similar to a vector C3) but with a Tip of less than 2 mm in diameter.Not only…He was also able to hold at Ground Style casts. With this intent after seven prototypes, 10 months of planning (that continues for new measures) and severe tests and efforts on the part of our team, created the first Vitium from the Latin noun which is understood here as “vice-disease for fishing … “All models are made with plug-in elements by the patented REW-TAPER system Italcanna to stability and lasting guarantee and made from at least 6 different materials mixed together which even the high modulus 400Gpa

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Italcanna Vituim CR 150

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