Penn Battle 2 Longcast 8000


Penn Battle 2 Longcast 8000The Penn Battle 2 LC Series of reels is the beefed up replacement for the very popular affinity series. It has been quoted as being an ” Affinity on steriods” mainly due to its full metal body construction making it more rugged on rocky marks and harsh terrain and the upgrade of the HT-100 drag system which is more powerful than that of the affinity’s but the Battle 2 LC’s are still a lightweight reel to handle making them very popular with the continental styles of fishing in the UK and abroad, it comes in a 7000 and 8000 version and the following features are what makes this reel stand out amongst the crowd. Full Metal Body – Allows the reel to maintain precision gear alignment under severe punishment.

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Penn Battle 2 Longcast 8000

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