Wishbone Float Spreader Rigs


Both the wishbone and single snood variations of this rig are pure hybrid rigs. They have been used extensively by shore, boat and Kayak anglers in Ireland and North East England and have have to date shown some pretty interesting results, if you find catching a lot of fish interesting – we do!Using a bubble float attached to your mainline and set for depth via the means of using a power gum stop knot or sliding float stops, these rigs can be used at any depth from a boat or shore and will allow surface indication of bites, the floats are built to take boat leads or light leads cast from the shore. Based on a Wessex rig the single running ledger lower snoods can be changed in seconds, allowing a safer/quicker changeover for all anglers.Kayak anglers in Nothumberland are taking cod from wrecks using this rig.

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Wishbone Float Spreader Rigs

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